Vice-Presidential Candidates

When Obama announced his pick of Biden, I thought it was a bad move.  Hadn’t he been around trying to run for President since ’88?  What about all his gaffes?  Couldn’t Obama do better?

On the other hand, shouldn’t we assume that someone who overcame one of the most powerful machines in recent history knows a bit more about politics than a guy writing a blog who never got elected to anything?

Biden was a good pick because his interests are perfectly aligned with Obama’s – neither of them have a significant political future if they lose the election.  Compare this with McCain’s pick of Palin.  While both McCain and Palin want to win in ’08, Palin has a possible future run in 2012, while McCain’s career is over if he loses.  This means that Palin has an incentive to play to the median Republican primary voter rather than the median general election voter, an incentive that is especially great if the election is not close.  Indeed, she wants to accentuate her differences from McCain and centrism.

The result?  Rallies that turn into mobs and a campaign that turns on itself.  Whatever else we might say about Biden, God love him, we cannot doubt that he is working as hard as possible towards an Obama victory.  Even if he makes some slips along the way, it’s a lot better when you’re all pulling in the same direction.


2 Responses to “Vice-Presidential Candidates”

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