Available on Kindle for only $6,232

A tip o’ the blog to a loyal reader who points me to this book currently selling for $7,790 on amazon.  But this is a bargain compared to this book on elementary particles for approx [!] $10,489, both from Springer-Verlag.  This brings up two questions:

1) Are these prices computer or human-generated?

2) Are these prices optimal?

(1) is a bit of a red herring.  Even if they were computer-generated, they are surely reviewed by a human at some point in the process.  I’m guessing that Springer-Verlag does not have a price optimization system, anyway.

As for (2), it seems unlikely that these could be the best prices from SV’s viewpoint – who would buy at this level?  Maybe your purchasing review committee is asleep, or consists of your Aunt Millie, or maybe when you need a book on nuclear energy, you really need a book on nuclear energy.  Or perhaps they are sold out, and there’s some big start-up cost to printing another one?  Even so, it seems like everyone would be better served by SV just going to the photocopier and producing a “student edition”, for $1000, say.

Perhaps this is just a mystery.  But look, I managed to get through a whole post without mentioning politics.  (Doh!)


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