One bomb at a time

There’s a joke they sometimes tell in probability classes about a man who always brings his own bomb when he flies.  Why?  Because he figures that the probability of one bomb on a plane is one in a million, so the probability of two bombs is one in a million squared.  So if he brings his own bomb along, then he’ll be safer.

You’ve heard of the controversy over Obama’s selecting Rick Warren for the inauguration invocation, despite Warren’s anti-gay views.  But because you read this blog, you realise this is the best of all possible selections, and marks when many will lose faith in the new administration.  So what is Obama’s plan?

Ideally, the inauguration would be an opportunity for unalloyed joy and celebration.  But the President-elect realises that we do not live in an ideal world, and that there must be some negative story.  So, like the man on the plane, he has decided to create his own, to make him safer.   As a side-effect, he gets to move towards the centre and throw a bone to the right.

So, LGBT Americans and friends, thanks for your patience and understanding.  It will certainly be rewarded – in about 2015 or so.


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