Blog and counterblog

There are a number of blogs that have associated counterblogs.  Megan McArdle has Fire Megan McArdle, and Mickey Kaus has Fire Mickey Kaus.  This would not have been a surprise to Hegel, whose dialectical theory predicts that every blog would give rise to its antiblog, with the blog and antiblog merging to form a synblog, which in turn generates its own antiblog etc.

You can find a counterblog to this blog at the Bewhere blog.


2 Responses to “Blog and counterblog”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Your counterblogger rocks!

  2. jmount Says:

    I see no synblog forming.

    Augustus de Morgan anticipated this moment:

    “If I had before me a fly and an elephant, having never seen more than one such magnitude of either kind; and if the fly were to endeavor to persuade me that he was larger than the elephant, I might by possibility be placed in a difficulty. The apparently little creature might use such arguments about the effect of distance, and might appeal to such laws of sight and hearing as I, if unlearned in those things might be wholly able to reject. But if there were a thousand flies, all buzzing, to appearance, about the great creature; and, to a fly, declaring, each one for himself, that he was bigger than the quadruped; and all giving different and frequently contradictory reasons; and each one despising and opposing the reasons of the others- I should feel quite at ease. I should certainly say, My little friends, the case of each of you is destroyed by the rest.”

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