Minor advice for the new loyal opposition

What can Republicans do now?  One small thing is that they can propose a constitutional amendment to ensure a special election if a senator leaves mid-term.  Governors appointing senators  is not the most pressing problem we have, but it is a problem, and the Democrats may not want to address it (why keep it in the news for longer than it has to be?).   It stands a fairly good chance of passing, and could give a morale boost to Republicans in state legislatures as they organised to ensure its passage.  Overall, I don’t see much of a downside.


2 Responses to “Minor advice for the new loyal opposition”

  1. Rick Says:

    Do you mean only having an immediate election and not appointing anyone? Or do you mean waiting for the next scheduled election? In this case, what about the possible two years of no representation? Especially bad in the case of the House of Representatives. In the first case, elections cost money and who’s got any? Even our post office is now telling us they want to cut one day of service… I wonder if the system we’ve got isn’t the best we can do. Well, we could improve it a bit I guess by adding in a requirement for the state legislature to approve the governor’s choice.

    • erehweb Says:

      Apologies for taking a while to moderate / respond – was out of town. I mean having an immediate election and not appointing anyone. I think you have to do this for House of Rep anyway. Sure, elections cost money, but I don’t think the cost would be prohibitive. In principle it could be subsidized by the Feds. Needing the legislature to approve the governor’s choice could be a recipe for gridlock if they’re of opposing parties.

      You might argue that this should be left up to the states. I think it’s reasonable to say that IL has shown that this doesn’t work, and that this is just a minor extension of the amendment requiring that senators be popularly elected in the first place.

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