Bury the bad news

Only a few hours left to be cynical…

Most people will view the inauguration as an opportunity for hope and celebration, perhaps with a tinge of disappointment.  A few will take it as something to fear.  But there will be a very few who will be looking at it as a bad time to release good news, or perhaps a good time to release bad news.  At least, so the U.K. Lib Dems claim, warning the government not to use the inauguration ‘as a smokescreen’.  The Scottish Lib Dems say to the Scottish Nationalist government, ‘No more bad news than is usual from this government should be sent out tomorrow.’  Are they right to be cynical?  Who knows?  But if you’re following any companies, you might want to see if they release any news on the 20th.


2 Responses to “Bury the bad news”

  1. Norman C Says:

    Maybe it’s a window into hoe the Lib Dems think and it’s what they do.

    A double bluff you could say.

    Maybe we should then check what they are sending out.

  2. erehweb Says:

    Excellent idea! But it is too late to be cynical now.

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