Keep Calm and Carry On?

The Guardian tells us that a WWII poster saying “Keep Calm and Carry On” has become very popular in Britain.  It had been virtually unknown beforehand, as it was only supposed to be distributed in the event of a German invasion.

Is it a good sign that Britain is now looking back to its time of greatest peril for inspiration?  What’s the alternative to keeping calm and carrying on?

In Flaming Carrot Comics, “The Wild Shall Wild Remain”, when the Carrot’s hometown is taken over by Communists, the Deputy Mayor says “We must, by all means, avoid panic!”  The Carrot replies (dots in original):

“Phooey!  Look! … If you sit down on the stove and is red-hot you feel alarm! … Get up fast! … This is panic!

Panic is good! … When you sit there you burn your ass!  Why do you want the ass to melt?  Are you foolish?”

Bela Khamarian, the “Soviet James Bond”, then reveals that the Deputy Mayor is a Commie agent and kills him, resolving the argument.


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