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The Rapture revisited

July 24, 2009

Loyal readers will recall that I suspected the Rapture for cars happened a few months ago.  But something more alarming happened since.  An old white Volvo with 666 in the licence plate appeared in my neighborhood for a few days.  It has left now, but I worry as to what will come next.  The Car of Babylon?  What will happen when Judgement Day for cars comes?  Is cash for clunkers a sign?  Perhaps it is best to stay indoors.


How much rope?

July 1, 2009

Many people have talked about how to shoot yourself in the foot with different computer languages.  But how much rope will each language give you to hang yourself with?

R gives you the rope and the chair to stand on.  You can download packages that throw the rope over the rafters for you.

SAS lets you have rope, but only in very small quantities, which you have to painstakingly knot together yourself.  If you put on a tie, SAS will generate “Warning: Rope-like structure around neck” messages every 5 minutes.

If you wear a tie, Python will insist that it be knotted correctly, as good style is important.  But if you’d like to spin your loaded gun around your finger, then feel free, as we’re all consenting adults here.