Pay … attention

Somebody once said that nobody wants to write, everyone wants to have written.  This is only half true.  Some people want to have written, but everyone wants to be read.  And why not?  For in this post-postmodern age, it’s clear that attention is the one truly valuable currency left.  While the dollar can only buy you goods and services, attention can be traded for status, power and influence.  The only last step is to formalize this commodification and make attention fully tradeable.  We are already halfway there – Willy Loman noted that attention must be paid, and many of us suffer from attention deficit disorder.  In the future we will surely have attention futures, booms, busts, derivatives, Ponzi schemes and many other wonders as yet to be dreamed up by psychological quants.  But beware.  For once something becomes a currency, a tax surely follows, and in the future you will have to pay 30% of your attention to the program of the Democratic National Committee.  Still, you could always move to Alaska, and have some of this refunded to you.


One Response to “Pay … attention”

  1. Patricia Says:

    Sorry, I just saw something shiny.

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