The Gentrification of Twitter

Everyone is upset that Twitter is leaning hard on third-party apps.  But contrary to the usual saying, if you are outraged, you’re not paying attention.

If you look at urban neighborhoods, you see the same pattern over and over again.  There’s some unattractive area – artists move in, then their hipster friends follow the cool, until finally it gets so desirable that the artists, hipsters, and whoever was there in the first place are all replaced by some painfully dull bourgeois types who are now the only people who can afford to live there, and proceed to blandify it to death.  Why does it happen?  Because the squares have the money, so whoever owns the horrible garrets can win big by converting them into lovely condos.  The hipsters whine that they made the neighborhood, but nobody cares, so they have to repeat the cycle somewhere else.

It’s the same with Twitter.  The geeks helped popularize and build it, but now that the Fail Whale has become an endangered species, the landlord has come a-calling.  The condos are really more like ticky-tacky Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber little boxes, but the principle’s the same.  The only surprise is that anyone’s surprised.  It’s always been this way, and will always be this way.

What to do?  Move on.  Make your own Twitter.  How hard could it be?  If you want to stop the cycle from repeating, say that everyone has to solve a quadratic equation before they can post.  Or maybe that they have to figure out some Python code.  But quit whining, and leave the database keys under the mat.



2 Responses to “The Gentrification of Twitter”

  1. Building Your Own Twitter at myninjaplease Says:

    […] there let it be said. Twitter is useful, but this guy is right on: There’s some unattractive area – artists move in, then their hipster friends […]

  2. Twitter’s “White People Stink” problem « Erehweb’s Blog Says:

    […] course this is a big problem for the gentrifying Twitter.  It wants to make money by sponsored trends, but that will only come from big brand […]

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